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  2. The Gauzy lace sock, "Truly, the sock is the forgotten victim of summer" AnOther online.

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  3. Roberto Cavalli at Milan Fashion Week Fall 2014


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  5. olha, vincevader, pra babar

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  7. Love Food? This blog is for you.

    sushi de supermercado, que saudades

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  8. Daytona Beach, Florida, 1997 Constantine Manos

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    Moroccan sink.

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    The meat shaped stone

    Carved during China’s last dynasty (1644-1911) to resemble a piece of fatty pork with its crackling fried in soy sauce, this piece of jasper has been cleverly used by the carver. The surface of the skin has been stained to resemble skin, veins and hair follicles carved in. The piece is one of the treasures of the National Palace Museum in Taiwan.


    Image credit: National Palace Museum

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